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Silicone Gift Keychain

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This product is made of PVC soft plastic, low material cost, long life, no fading, not easy to damage. With this material you can make any status quo you want or large Small and vivid beautiful three-dimensional pattern. With a strong sense of three-dimensional, soft product appearance exquisite phenomenon. At the same time can do different logos, a variety of processes (three-dimensional drip, pad printing, silk screen printing). Arbitrary distortion is not deformed, durable, and has a rich color does not lose color, can be directly flushed with water, repeated use.
Product function
The surface of the keychain can be printed with corporate logo or advertising content, can be designed according to their own requirements, to customize the picture to sample, where the product is brought to advertising, is the choice of corporate gifts, business promotion, etc.
The product is a good choice for enterprises to choose gifts, business promotions, etc.; enterprises choose this product to give gifts or product promotions or exhibition publicity, conference souvenirs, opening celebrations, etc.
Meeting memento, opening celebration, etc. will definitely bring unexpected benefits to the company.
Package Description
1, the product 1PCS/OPP bag, each box does not exceed 30KG.
2, the product can hang all kinds of bead chain, iron buckle, iron ring.
2, according to customer demand to provide different packaging styles. We can also provide packaging materials by customers.
Silicone Gift Keychain
Ta Yang Group Holdings Limited  manufacturer provides various silicone products for global clients. Our silicone product types include Silicone Beads, Silicone Teether, Silicone kitchen utensils, Silicone Vibrator Massager, and so on. You can wholesale our silicone products in stock or request a custom order of silicone moulded products.
Min Order Quantity: 100 PCS
Custom Options: custom design, custom logo, custom color, custom shape, etc.
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Phone: +86-13431880534

Tel: +86-0752-5763368

Email: info@texlinkco.com

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