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Color silicone kitchenware set

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kitchen color silicone cookware set wooden handle silicone cooking spatula spoon 12 sets of kitchen utensils
Product name: wooden handle silicone kitchenware set
Item No.: jr020115-jr020125
Size: food clip: 27*4, 110g
Scraper: 32 * 6.7cm, 98g
Flat spatula: 32.5*7cm, 78g
Soup spoon: 32*8cm, 85g
Dense spoon: 32*7cm, 69g
Spatula: 32.5*8cm, 72.5g
Powder claw: 32*6cm, 75g
Whisk: 24*6.5cm, 40g
Spoon: 32*7cm, 67.5g
Material: beech wood + silicone
Weight (gross weight/net weight): 1100g/990g
Package: color box;
Color box size: less than 9 sets of kitchenware color box 10 * 9 * 33.5cm (green color box)   
With kitchenware barrel color box 13.1 * 13.1 * 34cm (yellow color box)
Packing rate: 16 sets/box
Box size: 55.3*55*35.2cm
Outer box (net weight / gross weight): 15.7kg / 18.3kg
Color silicone kitchenware set
Ta Yang Group Holdings Limited  manufacturer provides various silicone products for global clients. Our silicone product types include Silicone Beads, Silicone Teether, Silicone kitchen utensils, Silicone Vibrator Massager, and so on. You can wholesale our silicone products in stock or request a custom order of silicone moulded products.
Min Order Quantity: 100 PCS
Custom Options: custom design, custom logo, custom color, custom shape, etc.
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