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TG-916 electronic silicone

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High thermal conductivity electronic silica gel
Basic characteristics.
TG-916 high thermal conductive electronic silica gel is used for precision electronic products coating, thermal conductivity, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, salt spray-proof, insulation and protection. It has superior electrical properties, resistance to cold and heat alternation, and can be used continuously within the range of -60℃~+280℃, and will not lose rubber elasticity.
It is a non-toxic, non-irritating gas release, solvent-free, non-corrosive, non-polluting, safer and environmentally friendly adhesive. With superior resistance to ultraviolet light, aging, ozone, moisture, salt spray, mold and other weather resistance characteristics.
Bonding materials.
Excellent bonding to aluminum, stainless steel, electroplated parts and other metals; not suitable for bonding to copper and PC materials.
Good adhesion to electronic components, plating parts, PCB, PVC, PBT, ABS, PS and other plastics, while playing an excellent sealing and bonding strength.
Application areas.
The bonding and fixing of LED driver module components and shell; the sizing of high-power LED products, such as high-power LED spotlights, LED street lights, LED power supplies, LED underwater landscape lights, LED point light sources, LED indoor downlights, etc. and bracket bonding, PCB board and aluminum bonding and fixing, etc.
Because the adhesive has strong adhesion to metal and ceramic surfaces and is not easy to peel off, it is widely used for bonding and sealing of PTC sheet and aluminum heat sink, as well as coating and fixing of sensor surface plug-in lines or sheets.
Mainly used in the bonding between CPU heat sink, thyristor, wafer and heat sink.
High thermal conductivity electronic silica gel
Use method: 
Clean the surface of the object to be glued oil, dust and other dirt, keep clean and dry, oil and other things can be cleaned with gasoline and other solvents.
Gluing: unscrew (or cut open) the cap of the hose, according to the size of the gluing surface to determine the size of the cut hose size, the glue will be squeezed into the cleaned surface, so that it is evenly distributed, the glued surface together to fix.
Curing: the coated parts will be placed in a smooth place, do not move before curing, the glued or sealed parts are placed in the air to let it cure naturally, within 24 hours (room temperature and 60% relative humidity, the glue will be cured 2-5mm depth, if the parts of the glue body is deep, especially in the parts that are not easily accessible to the air. The time of complete curing will be extended, if the temperature and humidity is low, the curing time will also be extended.
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